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 Islands Information

Place: Puerto Vallarta
Soar Through The Sky On A Puerto Vallarta Zip Line Vacation
by Christine OKelly

If soaring through the sky fast as a bird sounds like a vacation dream come true, you should consider a Puerto Vallarta zip line vacation. This is one fun adventure you'll talk about for years to come. Instead of standing in long lines at an amusement park, you'll have an experience no roller coaster can come close to on this thrilling ride of a lifetime. This article looks at what you can expect with a zip line vacation.

A Canopy Tour

A local zip line canopy tour will take you high above the canopy of the beautiful region between the Sierra Madres Mountains and the Bay of Banderas. You'll soar through the sky at over 30 miles per hour strapped into a safety harness suspended by a cable that allows you to see the world like never before.

You'll fly with over 350 species of birds on a canopy tour as you zip through the air over lush, tropical terrain. As you sail high over wild orchids, native iguanas, and other incredible plants and wildlife of the region and you'll look down into rocky canyons, gigantic trees, and flowing rivers. A Puerto Vallarta zip line tour will give you a look at the beauty of this area in a way you probably didn't think possible.

A canopy tour of the Canopy El Eden will send you soaring over miles of tropical jungle forest where Arnold Schwarzenegger filmed the movie Predator. With arms stretched and the wind in your face, you'll zip through the air, feeling free as a bird on this tour as you zip above more than two miles of forest with over twelve departure points.


In an area known for its natural beauty, you can fly over treetops as you head for a zip line tour of the Las Juntas de Los Veranos eco-preserve. After a short training session, you'll head for the preserve where you'll zip down a 1365-foot cable that carries you down a mountainside.

A zip line tour of the Sierra Madre Mountains offers a breathtaking experience from the sky and the trip to the apex is quite an adventure in itself. You must travel by speedboat, then a 4x4 Unimog, and finally a mule to reach the apex of this zip line tour. The trip to the apex is worth it as the experience down the mountain is unforgettable.

Fun In The City

Take in the culture of the city after a day in the sky and enjoy some delicious local Mexican food favorites and the over 80 varieties of tequila you'll find here. The area also offers excellent swimming and beautiful beaches where you can work on your tan or enjoy the undersea world.

One thing is for sure, after experiencing a Puerto Vallarta zip line tour, you'll never feel or look at the world quite the same way again. As you gain a new attitude on the world around you, you'll never forget soaring above the jungle canopy of this tropical region.

About the Author

Christine O'Kelly is an author for Canopy Tours Puerto Vallarta. They offer information on Puerto Vallarta zip line vacations.