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 Islands Information

Place: Tybee Island Georgia

Try A Tybee Island Vacation Rental   by Caitlin Moore

So you hope to be the envy of your local chapter of the Bird Watching Society by visiting a place that is home to many rare and endangered fine feathered friends. Or, perhaps your goal is to visit every lighthouse on the East coast. Maybe you just like the idea of vacationing on an island that isn't too far from the mainland. Whatever your reason may be, it looks like a trip to Tybee Island, Georgia is in your future. Now that that's settled, there are a couple of things to take care of before you can start packing your bags.

A highly important yet often overlooked aspect of vacationing has to do with lodging. Obviously, it's hard to pick out the perfect place to stay when you probably don't have the chance to see it with your own eyes before getting out your credit card, so sometimes you end up in less-than-ideal digs. If you've had one too many disappointing experiences, then it may be time for you to expand your horizons.

Vacation rentals make great options for travelers and groups of all dispositions. Looking for a second-honeymoon? Look no further. Time for a family reunion? There's something here for all the relatives, too. Don't be intimidated to at least look at the vacation rentals in Tybee Island, as exploring the rooms, porches, and backyard stretches of beach online will get you pumped up for the real thing. Plus, if value is on your mind, you may be surprised by what fits in your budget, especially if you look early.

For example, that honeymoon-scenario mentioned earlier might fit perfectly into a recently renovated one-bedroom cottage located three blocks from the beach. The brightly colored decorations, modern kitchen, air-conditioning, and close proximity to both the water and the pulse of the town will satisfy the needs you didn't even know that you had. Sleep in every morning or have coffee as you watch the sun rise from the screened porch. Go out to eat for every meal, or sit back as your beloved cooks you a romantic feast. The choice will be yours to do as you like, and the cottage will take care of whatever you decide to do.

Need a bigger space for everyone who'll be tagging along? Consider a charming three-bedroom with a wrap around porch (complete with porch swing, of course). Classily decorated and equipped with modern conveniences like washer and dryer, dishwasher, internet, grill, and ice-maker, you'll be party-ready. Everyone can get comfortable and truly unwind thanks to the pleasant, and truly homey, home that you'll be staying in.

Tybee Island isn't terribly big, so no matter where you end up hanging your hat you won't have to worry about certain attractions being too far away. If you are set on being directly on the beach so that you can enjoy an early morning swim, that is certainly possible. Or, if you'd prefer to be on a quiet cul-de-sac where the kids won't be tempted to head to the water without you, you'll find a place like that as well.

If you're here for the history, there are landmarks in the north and south parts of the island, so settle down anywhere, rent a car or a bike, and you'll be good to go. Also, if Savannah is on your mind, take a trolley just 12 short miles and you'll be free to roam the historic streets for as long as you like without worry of returning home too tired to function. The popular pier is a great place to visit, as is the main stretch of beach located at 17th street. You'll find all of this at your fingertips, so don't think it's necessary to find a hotel room along "the drag." Pick a spot anywhere on Tybee Island, and you're guaranteed a good time.

If the idea of renting a vacation home in order to experience comfort and be in control has piqued your interest, then don't hesitate to explore the dozens of properties that are awaiting their next tenants. You'll have a better time knowing that everyone in your group is satisfied, and you'll get to be lauded for all your hard work. In fact, it's not really that hard to reserve a Tybee Island Vacation Rental, but go ahead and take credit for being a superhero if you want to. We won't tell.

Visit to pick out the vacation cottage, condo, or beach house that will suit your needs and exceed your expectations.