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 Islands Information

Place: South Padre Island Texas

South Padre Island Can Please Anyone and Everyone
By Caitlin Moore

Popular for good reason, South Padre Island extends an open invitation to those in need of revelry, rest, and relaxation during every month of the year. Spring break is a fashionable week to visit, but most other times would provide perfectly wonderful conditions, so whether you seek the buzz of activity or hope to escape its height, consider Texasí barrier islands as the place to set your sights on.

Right now youíd probably give anything to be reclining under one of those big, striped beach umbrellas as you watch the waves lap at the white sandy shore. South Padre can be brimming with tourists at times, but donít think that all chances for clear ocean views and nap-worthy afternoons are unavailable. Kick off your shoes and settle in with a good book and a cold drink as you finally let your daily responsibilities fade into the background. Instead of ringing phones and honking horns, all youíll hear are the faint sounds of distant music, carefree laughter, and the ebb and flow of the ocean.

Once youíve recharged a bit, youíll begin to notice the vast array of diversions that South Padre Island has to offer. Some make socializing on the beach and in the bars (hello, college kids) their primary focus, but in reality there are plenty of diverse and family friendly activities to fill your sunny days. Sail boating, parasailing, boogie boarding, and wave running are a few ways to experience the joys of being on the open water, so get ready to finally satisfy your craving for all things aquatic. Further from the salty spray are golf courses, tennis courts, nature trails and the happening waterfront scene. Itís all here, so make a list and start checking things off.

You may rise with the urge to get some exercise, so go explore the sand dunes, sign up for a surfing lesson, or take an eco tour on Laguna Madre Nature Trail. The perfect way to start your day in South Padre Island will be to get your heart pumping and your senses sharpened for all that is to come, so grab whatever accessories you need, be it tennis shoes or just your swimsuit, and wake yourself up the right way. Your energy levels will be high enough as it is just being here, but moving around will further enhance your mood and your bodyís capabilities.

To set itself apart from other beach locales, or perhaps to combat its image as party central, South Padre has developed a number of truly unique distractions that will certainly spark your interest. For the kids youíve brought along (or the kid that still exists within you) there is the opportunity to take a sand castle building lesson. Thatís right, a master of this delicate art is available to share his tips and knowledge with anyone who desires to improve their construction skills for competition or just for fun.

Another out of the ordinary event you may be tempted to try is kite boarding. This cutting edge sport is spreading like a wildfire, and the conditions of the Laguna Madre make it a perfect spot to try it out or watch the experts in action. Competitions take place here regularly, but if youíre feeling bold, head out into the placid waist-deep water and experience for yourself the thrill, the speed, and the pure frivolity of doing something fun just for the heck of it.

For more adventure and experimentation, look no further than the plentiful restaurants in South Padre Island. From Tex-Mex to Caribbean, fast food to seafood, your taste buds will encounter more than they can handle. Each night your hardest decision will be which delicious-looking meal to choose, and hopefully youíll have time to hit all the high notes. The scene itself is worth a look, so watch the sunset and the people, take in some music, and finish it all off with a nightcap for a fully-formed night of amusement.

Thereís plenty more that has yet to be covered, including spas, dolphin tours, fishing, and bird watching. Also, Mexico isnít too far away, so if you want to cross the border for a few hours of sightseeing and bargain shopping, it wonít require much effort at all. Lighthouses, water parks, and movie theatres will further keep boredom at bay, and thereís always the option of returning to your trusty beach towel and umbrella for a few quiet moments to just be.

Hotels are everywhere you look in South Padre, so finding lodgings is just a matter of sorting through all the options. However, if youíre in the mood for a good fit and probably a good bargain as well, think about renting a vacation property. This way, youíll have lots of space and specialized amenities as opposed to just a standard boxy room, and the waves of contentment will roll in a little easier when everything you need, from the beach to a barbeque grill, is just a few steps away.

If the wealth of opportunities to properly unwind has caught your attention and youíre now scanning the calendar for your next possible vacation, congrats for choosing this reliably pleasing location. Itís not the most original spot, but thatís no reason to avoid it. By incorporating exciting excursions, South Padre Island Vacation Rentals, and anything else that will help you personalize this trip into the mix, your getaway fill be far from predictable ultimately just what you need.

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