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 Islands Information

Place: Bahamas

Looking For Adventure -- Scuba In Bahamas
by Christine OKelly

Scuba in Bahamas is the adventure of a lifetime. With so much to see and experience, you'll want to stay underwater during your entire trip. From friendly fish and the coral reef to dolphins and sharks, if you seek adventure, nothing compares to the sights and experiences of this underwater paradise. You can even visit shipwrecks and take underwater pictures so you can relive your adventure anytime.

When visiting the commonwealth for vacation or specifically for a tropical adventure, take a trip below the surface to scuba one of the most exciting underwater areas in the world. With dive sites in the two largest cities, Nassau and Freeport, you'll have plenty of adventure, even when you're on land. This article looks at some of the scuba diving adventures available in this fun vacation destination that will provide you with an experience to remember.


Newly certified scuba divers will benefit from the personalized attention of an experienced dive team and that's what you'll get on an UNEXSO dive from one of the local dive centers. During a one-tank or two-tank UNEXSO dive, you'll scuba in a group, receiving personal instruction in beautiful dive locations. A team of diving experts familiar with the local sea floor will ensure you have the ultimate scuba in Bahamas adventure while also staying safe.

UNEXSO one-tank dives usually focus on the coral reef or on shipwrecks. A two-tank dive usually includes both locations. You'll explore exotic fish and plants that will astound you in the coral reef. Shipwrecks are usually home to sea sponges, stingrays, and eels that provide a great photo opportunity.

Xanadu Diving

Xanadu dives give people who want a part in deciding where they scuba in Bahamas a choice. Divers can make suggestions and request favorite spots during these dives, depending on water and weather conditions.

Highlights of possible Xanadu dives include Moray Manor, Theo's Wreck, Tunnel's Reef, and the Sea Star II. All of these dives will leave you with memories and an appreciation for life under the sea.

Shark And Dolphin Diving

If you're really looking for a unique adventure, shark and dolphin diving provides a wild time. Shark and dolphin dives put you up close to the ocean's most popular creatures. This is definitely the adventure of a lifetime. Through a UNEXSO shark and dolphin dive, you'll have the guidance of an expert that ensures your safety during these thrill-seeking dives.

While in this tropical paradise, consider having an adventure outside the water. You'll find plenty of exciting nightlife, interesting museums, great seafood, live music, unique shopping, and much more. In fact, there is so much to do on land, you may want to stay an extra week so you can enjoy everything the land has to offer, too. Whether you seek an adventure above the surface or below, you'll find it here.

About the Author

Christine O'Kelly is a writer for Scuba Dive Bahamas. They offer a scuba in Bahamas adventure.