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 Islands Information

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European Islands Information

England / Scotland / Ireland / N Europe


Papa Westray, Orkney, Scotland - Information about the island of Papa Westray in Orkney - where to stay, how to get here and ideas for your visit.

If you are planning a holiday in Scotland then most likely at one point you will want to see and hear some real Scottish music. Around Scotland there are many hotels who put on live music, the hard bit is finding them more about Scotland »

Driving in Outer Hebrides
The roads are often single track with passing places. And where they are single track, often there are rocky ditches either side of a surprisingly narrow track. If you are at all in doubt of the width of your car, dont drive on the Outer Hebrides!

If the width of the roads wasnt enough, there are other distractions to keep you busy. The first are sheep. There are several times as many sheep on the Outer Hebrides as there are people, and for some reason sheep enjoy standing around in the middle of the road. Lambs are particularly lively and you have to take care when passing.... read more »

Glencoe, Scotland
Glencoe's spring sky looked bleak; wrathful clouds glared, threatening imminent showers. Columns of light penetrated the cloud, stood as sentinels guarding entrance to the sweeping valley. The scent of springtime was in the air; a new harvest was approaching.

Animals all around were preparing their nests for new siblings and a busy summer. The echoes of songbirds and their merry tunes sang throughout the valley; the season of courtship was upon us.

A crisp breeze was a reminder of a recent winter; Glencoe was still adjusting to the new season. The wind was the only sound of an otherwise silent valley.... read more »