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 Islands Information

Place: Rincon Puerto Rico

Relax and Recharge in Rincon, Puerto Rico
By Caitlin Moore

The world is an imperfect place, but there are certain corners of it that seem to exist as escapes; they arenít laughing in the face of other peopleís struggles of course, but they do keep bad vibes and serious matters somewhat at bay. One such place is Rincon, considered the best beach in Puerto Rico. Here, time stands still and troubles become far away. Tensions are eased, and responsibilities are simply put away for another day. If getting away from it all is the goal you have in mind, consider Rincon as the focus for your next vacation.

Located on the absolute western tip of the island, Rincon is known for postcard-worthy scenes and fabulous beach conditions. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and while thereís a lot to do, thereís also the perfectly acceptable option of not doing much at all. Incredible vacations can consist largely of downtime; reading, sipping beach drinks while lounging under an umbrella, and catching up with your special someone could be the highlights of this satisfying trip.

For the active moments, consider these diversions. Scuba dive or snorkel in the crystal clear water along the coastal reefs. Rent a kayak, jet ski, banana boat or surfboard and test out your sea legs. Take a charter boat for some fishing, whale watching or simple sight-seeing. Take advantage of the beach trails by biking or jogging, burning calories while you enjoying the unique views. Play tennis or golf, take a stroll along the shoreline and look for seashells, and if youíre truly adventurous, sign up for a spelunking session. In case you havenít noticed, the activities available could fill a few weeks, so hopefully youíll arrive in Rincon with several days of free time.

The tropical weather is generally nice all year long. Nights can be cooler in the winter and summer days get pretty steamy, but overall the temperature is comparable to Miami and never becomes too uncomfortable. Bring plenty of shorts and swimsuits and maybe a light sweater and youíll be all set. Also, while practical matters are being discussed, be aware that English is widely spoken, most cell phones work here, and you donít need a passport. As far as transitions go, this one wonít be too shocking.

Hopefully youíll bring your appetite with you to Rincon, as there are plenty of intriguing restaurants to tempt your taste buds. Fresh fruits and vegetables, wines and mixed drinks, Caribbean cuisine, and of course lots of seafood will all expand your culinary horizons. Regular, recognizable places are available if for those who feel like playing it safe, but it is recommended that you at least try an empanadilla or Mofongo. Youíll see what exactly these exotic offerings consist of once youíre seated at a table, perhaps facing a spectacular Rincon sunset.

This fairly secluded beach town has what it takes to qualify as a truly pleasing destination. Youíll be removed from the hubbub of the daily grind yet comfortable as well. Distractions will greet you around every corner, and youíll be able to achieve some peace and quiet as well. Complete the picture by renting a vacation home, condo or beach house. Having a home base as appealing as the island itself Ė a getaway within a getaway, if you will Ė will add to this already noteworthy event. Fantastic amenities, lots of privacy, and long-term availability mean that Rincon Vacation Rentals are definitely where itís at.

Cruise the internet to learn more about the array of vacation rentals in Rincon as well as the location itself. By leaving the rest of humanity behind for a little while, youíll be doing yourself a favor and not hurting anything. Honestly, by returning to the thick of things refreshed and revived, you might just be making the world a better place.

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