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 Islands Information

Place: Puerto Aventuras

Lesser Known Yet Fabulous: Puerto Aventuras
By Caitlin Moore

Gorgeous, quieter than the average resort area, sun-dappled and filled with all the beach activities a vacationer could ask for, Puerto Aventuras is a dreamy spot with much to offer. Not as tarnished by spring breakers and traditional tourist trappings as Yucatan Peninsula cities like Cancun, this diamond in the rough has the power to serve as an escape pod for all overwrought people out there.

Located on the Mayan Riviera, Puerto Aventuras is made up of three major bays covered with sugary white sand and sparse coastal developments. There is a build up of visitor-friendly operations, but unlike other towns in the Mexican Caribbean, the touch of civilization has been limited. Wide open swaths of lovely beach, clear blue water, and room to breathe all characterize this delicious region, and thatís just the beginning.

Moving past initial impressions of the landscape, Puerto Aventuras has the goods to back up the good looks, too. This is where youíll find the only marina within several miles, so boaters and fishers thank their stars for the set-up here. A hundred yards from shore is a fabulous reef for diving, and a talented set of instructors make a living ensuring that visitors safely experience the wonders of these world-renowned underwater platforms. Boats can be rented for some sport fishing, sightseeing or wave riding, and when refreshments are needed a nearby restaurant will sate all appetites.

A golf course will allow those putting-obsessed people (you know who you are) to get their fix, but distractions like tennis, shopping, snorkeling and simply lounging on the peaceful beach will all compete for the chance to dominate your day in Puerto, as the locals call it. Fatima Bay will surely draw you to it like a magnet, so bring a good book, lots of sunscreen and the mindset of a true beach bum.

While youíre here, it would be worth it to take a little day trip to Tulum, the ancient Mayan city. In addition to the fascinating temples and other structures, there is also a market, stretches of stunning scenery, and an area where the famous pole flyers do their thing. Explore this area to feel like youíre in a whole other world, perhaps even another time. You can also head north to Playa del Carmen, a tourist-friendly area with a large shopping and entertainment district. From here there is a ferry service to Cozumel, so serious scuba divers will probably end up spending a little time here.

Back in Puerto Aventuras, be sure to visit the Shipwreck Museum, take a jungle hike, and participate in a session of swimming with the dolphins. Stroll around the town and relish the calm that pervades, making an effort to enjoy every lovely stress-free second. Remember, this trip wonít last forever so donít let it be taken for granted.

All in all, this destination is perfect for those who want the cream of the vacation crop and substantially fewer crowds than many favorites tend to elicit. Peaceful, intimate and cozy are adjectives youíll be using to describe Puerto during your trip, and fond memories are what youíll have when you leave. This will be especially true if you take the step of renting a vacation property here instead of opting to stay in a regular hotel. Beach front villas with bonus amenities and condos that feel as if they were designed and decorated with your taste in mind are the best ways to truly relax into a holiday state of mind.

Going online to peruse the Puerto Aventuras Vacation Rental listings will get you in the mood for all that is to come. Read the descriptions, check out the maps and ogle the pretty pictures for a sneak peak of your future fabulous trip to the Mayan Riviera. will guide you towards choosing the perfect vacation rental for your needs.