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Asian and Pacific Islands

Bali / Philippines / Thailand


Manila has officially 6 million inhabitants (unofficially more than 9 millions)and it is one of the most exhausting cities in Southeast Asia. Don't expect to get any rest. For that kind of thing you need to take a plane to one of the smaller islands.

Manila is the capital of the Philippines and was founded in 1571 around Manila Bay on the east coast of Luzon, the largest and most northerly island. It is by far the biggest city in the country. Manila started out as a humble village and has grown to become the governmental, commercial and educational centre of the nation.

The heart of old Manila can be found inside the Intramuros, the original Spanish settlement. The fort and St. Augustine Church still are good examples of colonial architecture.... read more » - Scuba Diving in the Philippines

Vigan is a sleepy town at the heart of Ilocos Sur. It’s easy to find your way around because the people are friendly and warm to visitors. At the center of the town is Plaza Salcedo erected in honor of Juan Salcedo who named this place Ciudad Fernandina after King Ferdinand of Spain. Right across the plaza is the St. Paul’s Cathedral built in 1641 and which came under the Diocese of Nueva Segovia in 1758.

A few minutes walk will bring you to the Burgos House. Now converted into a museum, the house is the birthplace of Fr. Jose Burgos, one of the priests executed in Cavite during the revolution. The museum houses what were left of the Burgos family belongings which include antique furnitures, clothing and other artifacts donated by some prominent families in Vigan..... read more about Ilocos »

Donsol, Sorsogon
Donsol used to be sleepy coastal town in Sorsogon—a province in the southernmost tip of Luzon. Nobody knows Donsol except for, of course, its local inhabitants until a few years ago when tourists from all over the world began to flock this remote place to get a look-see at the largest fish on earth: the whale shark.

Before, fishermen in Donsol were ignorant of the ecological (and tourist) value of whale sharks. They used to hunt, slaughter and sell the poor gentle sea creatures to Japanese traders. Local folks call them “butanding” or “big fish” in the vernacular. Early sightings of the butandings were reported in the Visayan seas in Bohol further south. It was said that massive slaughtering caused their migration to Donsol waters. ..... read more about Donsol »