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 Islands Information

Place: Nassau Bahamas
Nassau Attractions That Offer Fun In The Sun
by Christine OKelly

One of the most popular tropical vacation destinations, the Bahamas is located only 180 miles east southeast of Florida. Due to an ongoing embargo against citizens of the United States visiting Cuba, the Bahamas has become more popular than ever.

The center of the Bahamian government, Nassau is a small thriving city with a population of around 300,000. It is the chief cultural center of the commonwealth and a great spot for vacationing. Regardless of whether you're by yourself, on a honeymoon, a family with young children, or retirees seeking adventure, you'll find plenty to do. From SUBs and Segways to snorkeling and a booze cruise, there is something ideal for everyone. This article looks at a few favorite activities.

A Mini SUB Adventure

One of the most fun attractions is taking a mini SUB adventure. These personal underwater vehicles resemble an underwater sort of moped that can maneuver quickly through the water. Balanced and easy to control, mini SUBs are a safe way to explore the coral reefs and undersea life. Each SUB supplies the occupant with constant air while traveling through the water.

Unlike scuba diving, you don't need any type of special training class or certification to operate mini SUBS That's one of the reasons SUBs are so popular. Instead of days of coursework required for obtaining a scuba diving certification, you can jump on a SUB and be exploring life under the sea after only a short instruction that lets you know everything you need to stay safe. SUBs are great for a family vacation activity.

Segway Through The Forest

Only fifteen minutes from the city is the last remaining natural forest on the island. Called Earth Village, this 162-acre forest is a diverse and unique ecosystem. You can tour the forest to enjoy tropical plants, interesting fruits, and intriguing wildlife on a Segway.

After a short class where you learn how to operate a Segway safely, you will head out on an adventure accompanied by an expert guide. You'll be amazed how easy a Segway is to maneuver off-road and it allows you to take in the sights while enjoying a fun ride. If you love nature above the water, you'll love a Segway through the forest tour.

Snorkel And Cruise

Known for being one of the hottest Nassau attractions, you can jump aboard one of the local snorkel cruise boats for a day of dancing, eating, drinking, and snorkeling. This activity is great for people traveling in a group who just want to get out on the water for a good time.

Many things to do in this city of the commonwealth offer you fun in the sun. Whether you choose snorkeling, cruising, a mini SUB, or a Segway adventure, you are sure to have the vacation of a lifetime in the Bahamas.

About the Author

Christine O'Kelly writes for the experts at Best On Bahamas. They provide information on Nassau attractions.