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 Islands Information

Place: Montego Bay

Montego Bay Makes Mondays Bearable
By Caitlin Moore

Monday mornings have a definite feel; breaking from the respite of the weekend and getting back into the swing of work, school and responsible routine takes a little bit of effort and perhaps a few groans. This switch from sweat pants to button down shirts can only be done so many times before general fatigue sets in, so in case you’re nearing this point of exhaustion, it would be best to start planning a vacation today.

The Caribbean is a tried-and-true destination for many families and couples in search of the sunshine, and Jamaica has an especially nice ring to it. Narrowing things down further, consider Montego Bay in the northwest part of the island. This hub of activity receives guests by air, land and sea and is worth a visit if you feel the need to slow your pace and put your feet up. One of these Mondays in the near future, you could be sipping Red Stripes on a warm sandy beach. Enough said.

This free-spirited island nation has been influenced by a number of different sources and now exhibits an identity of singular color and charm. Sometimes a little rough around the edges, the Jamaican landscape can also be lovely, relaxing and exactly what you need to forget about inboxes, cable bills and dirty laundry. Reggae beats really do serve as the pulse to the streets, taxi drivers say “yeah m’on” and sea sparkles with a consistently mesmerizing allure. It’s a nation of contrasts, and if you know where to look you’ll come home happy.

Start by exploring the shorelines in and around Montego Bay (or Mo Bay as you’ll hear it called). One of the most famous, Doctor’s Cave Beach, offers calm and sheltered water of the turquoise variety, sugary sand, restaurants and bars and showering and changing facilities. With all of these conveniences on hand, this well-respected spot could easily dominate an entire day of your vacation. Hopefully you’ve taken enough time to allow for this initial descent into la-la land before your energy levels kick back in and the rest of the region can be visited. No rush.

Shake the sand from your hair and clothes and check out the great duty-free shopping that gives Montego Bay much of its character. Whether picking up bargain-priced liquor, cigars, t-shirts, coffee, jewelry or exotic masks and home decorations Jamaica definitely has options for providing the perfect souvenirs. Bringing home something fun is the least you can do for the poor saps that are stuck working as you wander the streets in your sandals and shorts.

As for activities, the coral reefs and additional beaches make great spots for snorkeling and diving. Parasailing allows for literally breathtaking views to be had, and jet skiing, sailing, fishing and more will complete any sort of itinerary you and your companions have in mind. Golfing and tennis are also popular pursuits, as the fine weather nurtures the need to stay healthy and active. Working up a sweat in serene surroundings is always a pleasure, as is cooling off by strolling down to the sea for a refreshing dip. Let the saltwater keep you afloat as you contemplate how lucky you are to have chosen Montego Bay as your hideaway from reality.

Though Montego Bay is abundantly outfitted with resorts and hotels, another lodging option should not be overlooked. For the ultimate getaway experience, nothing can compare to reserving a cute cottage or stunning villa near the beach that has been filled with every amenity of home. From kitchen supplies to patio furniture, a barbeque grill to a garden tub, there might even be more to these temporary abodes than you’re used to back at your own place of residence.

Truly take a break by spending a luxurious, and not necessarily expensive, few days in a Montego Bay Vacation Rental. Accommodating in every sense of the word, these properties are one-of-a-kind and certain to add an element of delight to what is already shaping up to be just the trip you need. is an extensive marketplace for vacation rentals in destinations all over the world.