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 Islands Information

Place: Majorca Spain

Follow the Europeans to Their Playground of Choice- Majorca- Spain
By Caitlin Moore

Off the coast of mainland Spain exists a trio of magnetic isles known for their breathtaking beauty and fashionable ambiance. The largest of the three, Majorca (also known as Mallorca) is sprinkled with resorts, restaurants and bustling beaches but its popularity hasnít kept it from becoming overdone. Majorca maintains a sense of vibrant calm infused with history and a colorful culture thatís hard to explain and even harder to replicate Ė itís best to check it out for yourself.

Majorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea, the perfect spot for jetsetters, British, French and German tourists and Americans seeking a European flavor that will cancel out the past few bland vacations theyíve suffered through. Here in the Balearic Islands anything goes, so pack your skimpiest bikini, your college-age ability to stay up all night, and anything else that might come in handy as you lose yourself in a destination that can rise to any occasion.

In other words, if you want to party, you can party in Majorca. If you want to lie on the beach and take a nap, thatís also okay. You can shop, eat, sightsee, or remain hidden in the privacy of your little beach bungalow; no one is here to judge you as everyone is doing what they need to do to leave the real world behind. From the mountains to the sea, Majorca provides plenty of opportunity to realize the vacation goals youíve brought along.

Adventurers will be delighted at the endless options for adrenaline surges. Try kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing or the singular experience of rock climbing above deep water (itís called psicobloc), an activity that the geography makes possible here. Along the northwest coast is the Serra de Tramuntana, a mountain range characterized by steep limestone walls that dramatically drop towards the sea and a network of hiking trails. Cyclists will be challenged by the terrain here in Majorca, as much of it is serious enough to attract professional bikers here to for training sessions.

For the less exercise-inclined, consider traveling from town to town in order to soak in the spicy Spanish culture. Sample some seafood paella, Sobrassada (spicy sausage), sangria or a bottle of local wine. Palma de Majorca, the capital city, offers all the typical attractions that a sizeable and proud place tends to: a water park, double-decker tour buses, shopping centers, and various points of interest that will keep hungry-for-action tourists sated. This is also the departure point for the train ride to Soller, a lovely mountain town whose serenity balances out the frenzy of the city.

Imbibing and dancing the night away are parts of the Majorcan scene that also deserve to be acknowledged. Where else but in a foreign, fun-loving land is it appropriate to let loose to an exotic beat and stay up until the early morn? Locals tend to live by a different schedule, too, so donít feel like youíll miss anything if you end up sleeping until noon the next day. Magaluf has a high concentration of clubs, and if names like Titoís, El Garito and Abraxas sound familiar or appealing, head to the road called Paseo Martimo in Palma.

If it feels like anything is missing, hereís one more quick round of highlights: free classical musical concerts during the summer, stately cathedrals, golf courses, cobblestone streets leading to charming town plazas, and plentiful lodging options. The beaches are the number one draw for most visitors, which explains why most of the activity is found around the islandís perimeter, but throughout Majorca there is plenty to enjoy.

This means that choosing a comfortable vacation rental and deciding to stay for a while might be a good idea. Establish a home base to be proud of Ė one that complements the overall trip rather than existing as an ultimately forgettable detail. These take the form of Majorca Vacation Rentals, of which there are hundreds. Each one is a little different, each is waiting to please someone special, and each can be checked out online well before itís time to start packing.

A trip to Majorca is never a tough sell, so inform your lucky travel mates of the plan and start counting down the days until youíre basking in the sun like a privileged expatriate.

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