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 Islands Information

Place: Kure Beach North Carolina
Kure Beach Vacation Rentals
By Caitlin Moore

There’s something stirring about the sight of a lone beach house facing the ocean. It’s unprotected yet imposing, solitary yet welcoming, and almost always causes the onlooker’s mind to imagine scenes of leisurely breakfasts, curtains swinging in the breeze, and languid sunsets that serve as the perfect endings to perfect days. If you’ve yet to experience life from such a vantage point, or if it’s just been too long since you have, then look into renting a vacation home that will open the door to your innermost vacation longings.

North Carolina’s coastal regions are simple, straightforward, and oh-so-right for families and traveling groups of all kinds. Here, you’ll be able to relax and unwind without too much hassle; for example, you can leave the car parked in the garage and make your swimsuit the standard uniform for the duration of your trip. Once you’ve made it out to your little corner of the coast, it will be acceptable and preferred to everyone involved to just kick back and stick close to “home.”

Imagine trekking to Kure Beach and being handed an interesting looking key. You make your way towards your temporary home and find yourself surprisingly excited at what exists behind the solid wooden door. You open it to reveal a house unlike any you’ve ever stayed in, which immediately makes you feel adventurous, energized, and flushed with life. This is going to be a good trip, you can already tell.

The high ceilings, plentiful windows, and earth toned-walls create an indoor atmosphere that reflects the scenic ocean landscape. You can see outside from every angle thanks to the wrap around glass, and are delighted to note that an expansive porch will encourage lots of outdoor lollygagging and family bonding. You can already see everyone gathered around the grill for a delicious meal of freshly caught fish, and the patio chairs are perfect for hosting cocktail hour (or hours, if you like).

The beach will be a constant attraction for everyone, and thanks to the outdoor shower and cupboards full of fresh towels, jumping in and out of the water will be a stress-free affair. Shifting attention spans and forgotten sunscreen used to be an annoying aspect of beach-going, but this time the kids can be as kid-like as ever with no reason to stress. Park yourself under an umbrella and watch with relief as the day swims by without a hitch.

Another feature that will have you breathing easier involves your four-legged family member. Do you usually shudder at the thought of the kennel that your poor puppy has been left behind in? If so, research until you find a place that is pet friendly. Many properties in Kure Beach welcome dogs and have fenced-in yards for your convenience, so get ready to pack the leash and the frisbee along with the rest of necessary traveling items.

Kure Beach has a quiet downtown of sorts, home to a popular pier for fishing and sea gazing, a few restaurants, and a boardwalk that’s definitely worth seeing. Remember, there’s no shame in discovering your inner homebody, so after a quick visit to the “action” in town you’ll be perfectly justified in maximizing the pleasure of staying barefoot and swimsuit-clad for days at a time. The outside activities plus the entertainment center, games, and movies that you’ll find inside the comfy house will all compete for your attention. You could end up feeling pretty busy, actually.

Kure Beach NC Vacation Rentals stand out from the pack when it comes to methods and means of enjoying your hard-earned vacation. Distinctive, comfortable, and off the beaten path, your hideaway will suit you and surprise you in every possible way. If you’re feeling intrigued, go online to check out the options and be ready to look at things from a whole new perspective.

Visit as you start to plan your next vacation.