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 Islands Information

Place: Kiawah Island - Charleston South Carolina

Live a Little in a Kiawah Island Vacation Rental
By Caitlin Moore

Your golf clubs have been gathering dust, and youíve been yearning for a few days to get back into the swing of things, perhaps in a relaxing ocean setting. Or, maybe the kids have proven that tennis is not just a passing fancy. They have been working hard to improve their skills, and you think it would be worth it to travel to the best courts in the country to show your pride and further fan the flames of their interest in this lifetime sport. If youíre ready for a refreshing jaunt to a land where itís always time to play, consider Kiawah Island for the site of your next vacation.

Considered one of the top islands of North America and located a few miles from Charleston, South Carolina, one of the nationís highest rated cities, Kiawah has much to offer as a getaway spot for sports fans and their less interested companions alike. Plenty of activities will compete to fill your days here, so be ready to take it all in on this island by the sea.

Beaches and biking trails will occupy those who have not fallen under the charms of the five championship golf courses and numerous highly rated clay and hard-court tennis courts. And when itís time for everyone to meet up, plenty of vacation rentals are available all around the island that will foster family togetherness and invite all your real world worries to drift away into the breeze.

Choosing a cottage on the beach or a villa near the lagoon will add to this vacation a sense of true escape. Youíll encounter plenty of fellow tourists on the greens or as you shop the Straw Market, but upon entering your very own space, youíll be free to enjoy plenty of privacy and as much peace and quiet as you desire.

Shut the door to your own bedroom and sleep in a little bit, or stock the pantry with a few basic groceries to save some money on meals. Itíll be fun to go out to dinner or check out Night Heron Parkís evening activities, but if you feel like staying in for a nightcap with your spouse or a movie on the couch, youíll have that option, too.

Wireless internet access will keep you updated if you must stay in touch with the outside world, but the ocean view will allow you to leave everything behind just as easily. In addition to the two main sporting draws, nearby swimming pools and volleyball courts will add to this active and calorie-burning vacation, so donít feel guilty about indulging in a few fabulous seafood meals or grabbing a quick a nap on the hammock.

Taking advantage of the natural charms of Kiawah, from the bird-watching opportunities to the marsh kayaking trips, will take this trip to a whole new level, so be sure to mix your golf time with some adventuring. Many vacation rentals are conveniently located between man-made and naturally occurring hotspots, so seeing a bit of everything wonít require long drives or parking worries.

If youíve decided that a Kiawah Island vacation exists in your future, then donít waste any time preparing for what is sure to be a stimulating and invigorating trip. Before you start packing the rackets and the sunglasses, however, go online to pick out the Kiawah Island Vacation Rental that will meet all your needs. Having the ideal place to unwind at the end of a day or take a break between rounds of golf will be integral to your overall experience, so plan ahead to enjoy yourself in every possible way.

Visit Kiawah Island Vacation Rental for a wide selection of vacation rentals located all around the world.