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 Islands Information

Place: Isle of Palms South Carolina

Isle of Palms Vacation Rentals By Caitlin Moore

The Charleston county area of South Carolina is overflowing with opportunities for enjoying a vacation, so how should you decide where to plant your flag for your upcoming trip to the coast? You could flip a coin, throw a dart at the map, or rely on your odd attraction to the sound of one place in particular: Isle of Palms. Seemingly exotic for a barrier island, the name evokes utter contentment and rejuvenation, just what you need. Go all out by renting a vacation home in this privileged place, and see what develops.

Perhaps you’re bringing the family to the sea for a long overdue session of swimming, sunning, and bonding. With busy schedules, it’s hard to get everyone together for a simple meal these days, so it’s admirable that you’ve coordinated this vacation and plan to achieve some high-quality family togetherness.

To get everyone close but not too close (we don’t want any bickering now), reserve a vacation property that will provide novelty along with plenty of space. You might gravitate towards a quirky place with bunk beds and colorful walls, or a perhaps you’ll end up in a classy, modern town home with an extra futon just in case you need it. No matter how many people will be making up your group, there’s a perfectly sized property out there that will please you all by allowing just enough breathing room.

The beach is probably what everyone is most looking forward to, so luckily there are dozens of ocean side villas and cottages that will keep you delightfully close to the main event. You’ll never tire of stepping out the back door right onto the sand where the possibilities will stretch before you as far as the eye can see. Sea kayaking, bird watching, shelling, beach volleyball, fishing…there’s just no time to do and see it all in Isle of Palms. And, confronted with that lazy-in-a-good-way feeling that the tides and the sun can bring on, you’ll have to set some time aside for a few naps and some lovely moments spent floating in the salty sea.

As far as evenings go, you’ll want to head to a yummy nearby restaurant for some local fare like sea scallops or shrimp and grits, and check out any events or festivals that summer brings to the island. As you have a vacation rental within your grasp, however, it’s also a great option to pick up some staples from the grocery store and prepare your own feast. The roomy dining table and modern kitchen might actually excite the chef in the family, making what are normally tedious tasks seem new and fresh. Get creative using the grill or one of the other modern appliances, and then take a walk outside for one last glimpse of the sea before retiring.

Not that you’ll immediately go to bed, as the entertainment center will entice you to watch a movie on the plasma TV and the game room will get everyone involved in a poker tournament or board game marathon. Head to bed whenever you please, and be thankful that you can shut the door and enjoy some peace while the night owls continue their play long into the night.

Everyone will adapt to a natural schedule, crossing paths for meals and organized activities, like renting bikes or boogie boards, but partaking of plenty of impromptu resting and relaxing as well. Read a book, paint your toenails, or ponder the origin of the universe; everyone can do what they please in peace and harmony thanks to the fact that you have your own space along the beach on Isle of Palms.

If this scenario seems to fit your ideal vacation situation, do the family a favor and start to plan today. They’ll be thanking you later, so put in a little effort towards researching all the Isle of Palms SC vacation rentals to soon reap the sweet rewards. It’ll definitely be worth it as you recline on your very own porch and view the world from the unique perspective of a savvy vacationer. holds the key to planning your next vacation.