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 Islands Information

Place: Hawaii

Big Thrills on Hawaii's Big Island   by Caitlin Moore

Formed from hot molten lava and the earth's seismic shifts, the Big Island of Hawaii has settled down and cooled off to become an attractive destination for couples, families, and traveling groups of all kinds. Natural wonders and exotic flavors, sights, and sounds make for fine sightseeing, and activities that range from beach-going to volcano trekking will keep you and yours constantly enchanted by your surroundings. Hawaii has several great choices when it comes to picking a spot to unpack your suitcases, but be assured that you can't go wrong with this bigger-than-life island that has a little bit of everything.

If you feel like tasting true adventure, you'll find a few diversions on the Big Island that will leave you invigorated and filled with unique memories. Head to the Kona region of the island, famous for its coffee but also for the vast array of opportunities to get your adrenaline pumping.

Go sport-fishing in the deep blue sea and try your luck at reeling in a blue marlin or other exotic catch. Venture into the depths via submarine for an underwater tour, and snap a few pictures of eels, dolphins, and maybe even a shark or two. Snorkeling and scuba diving will get you even closer to the colorful fish that make their home here, and if you'd prefer to see the sights from horseback, then saddle up and hit the trail that is unlike any other you've seen.

For natural wonders, don't miss Kilauea, currently the most active volcano in the world. This amazing sight is part of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the state's most popular tourist attraction, and is in a continual state of eruption. After checking in to receive the day's safety tips, visitors can explore the park in all its flowing, glowing, glory. Steam vents, craters, sulphur banks, and museums will all give you a glimpse of Mother Nature's fiery temperament, so stop by for an experience most people will never be lucky enough to have. For less thrill and more skill, check out one of the twenty-odd golf courses on the Big Island. Hawaii makes a great backdrop for a lot of things, especially an outdoor sport that invites walking and gazing off into the distance. Hopefully the blue skies and ocean views won't distract you from playing a good game, but if they do, you probably won't feel too bad about playing less than perfectly on an immaculate and breathtaking course. Getting your golf fix will further round out what is already shaping up to be a satisfying holiday.

It should be no surprise that the Big Island has proven to be inspirational to artists of all kinds, so if visual expression is something you find interesting, be sure to tour the galleries and museums while you are here. Sloping hills and valleys, crashing waterfalls, and delicate plant life have influenced the paintings, sculptures, and even the music and dance of native creative types, so soak in the atmosphere as well as the representations of it that have come about through the talents of the Hawaiian people.

The culture of the Big Island is more diverse and distinctive than most people realize, thanks to a blend of many nationalities. Traces of Mexican and Portuguese complement the Hawaiian way of life, and all combine to make the island that much more enthralling. Between the luaus, ranches, and monuments to the gods, you'll know you've stepped onto an island of melded identities and harmonious relationships, and that's a very good thing.

It's a given that the beaches here on the Big Island are worth spending some time on, but we'll go ahead and talk them up anyway. The sand comes in all different colors, from snow white to ink black. Some are crowded with kids and sand castles, some are romantic and secluded, so go ahead and spend some time sampling them all. You're sure to discover one just your style, and will have fun as you try each one on for size. So grab your flippers or just your towel and prepare for some beach time of the highest quality.

All the aspects of the Big Island that make it a great place to spend a few days also lend themselves to making it perfect for renting a vacation property. You'll want to thoroughly enjoy the coastline, find a good value, and enjoy the freedom of doing things at your own pace in your own space. There are literally hundreds of condos and ocean side properties that will keep you happy and carefree during your vacation, so consider a Big Island Vacation Rental as the final touch to what already looks like one of your best trips ever.

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