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 Islands Information

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Hawaiian Islands Information

Kauai is often referred to as the Garden Isle or the Green Island because of the incredibly lush flora on this small island. The North Shore in particular is a fabulous wealth of natural beauty, with incredible waterfalls and tropical foliage everywhere.... read more »

The majestic island of Kauai is only a short flight from the USA, Japan and Australia. From the spectacular views at Waimea Canyon to the verdant vistas along the Napali Coast, more and more people are coming to Kauai because they are attracted to its natural beauty and laidback atmosphere. Visitors are also drawn to Kauai for its gorgeous tropical rainforests, some of which can only be accessed by helicopter. These aerial tours take you into the heart of the island and offer spectacular scenic views that will remain with you long after your vacation ends. Kauai is lush, tropical and wild. With cascading waterfalls and towering green mountains, this island is what most people imagine Hawaii to be like. Kauai can truly take your breath away..... read more about Kauai »

Kauai has huge areas of tropical forest, deserted coast and lush mountains suitable for hiking, including the awe-inspiring Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon -- known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific." All of these areas have easily accessible hiking trails.
- Kauai's bountiful coral reefs are teeming with multitudes of colorful fish. It is easy and delightful to snorkel the clear warm waters of Kauai's lagoons.
- Kauai is home to numerous rare bird and plant species, which exist nowhere else in the world. Kauai is also home to a seabird sanctuary..... read more about Kauai »

Kauai is the oldest and most northern of the Hawaiian Island chain. Its lush tropical beauty has earned it the nickname the “Garden Island.” From the air it looks like an emerald cone rising out of the ocean. This thirty-three by twenty-five mile island is covered with acres of lush rain forests, waterfalls, and breathtaking gardens. Here are only a few of the hundreds of sights and activities you will have to choose from while you are on the island. This is only a tiny taste of what Kauai has to offer. On the northern end of Kauai is Kilauea Lighthouse, which was built in 1913 and was in use until 1976. It is a picturesque landmark perched on a bluff. Well worth a visit. Visitors may not climb the lighthouse, but self-guided tours of the area are available. Adjacent to the lighthouse is the 200-acre Kilauea Point Wildlife Refuge on Moku’ae’ae Island. A must visit for bird more about Kauai

For mountain views and a wide sampling of exotic flora and fauna, visit Kauai, nicknamed the “Garden Isle.” Kauai offers something for everyone, with tourist attractions clustered on the South Shore and cliffs and strong waves to be found on the North Shore. Kokee State Park is home to the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” and scattered throughout the island you can locate all types of vacation rentals. From cool streams and waterfalls to beachside shops and restaurants, this island has it more

Visiting Hawaii will leave you with the rare of dilemma of having too much beauty, too many opportunities for absorbing activities, and too little time to see it all. A handful of intriguing islands flung across the sea like a string of jewels make for quite a treat, but as far as vacations go, your best bet would be to focus on one area and give it your full, undivided attention. Kauai is no slouch when it comes to delivering the holiday goods, so consider visiting one of the hotspots on this island to ensure an engaging, memorable, and relaxing trip.

One such pocket of tropical treasures is Princeville, located on the northern shore of Kauai. Once the site of a coffee plantation, this picturesque region is now the scene of resorts, golf courses, restaurants, and the kind of beaches that will make you forget what your cubicle looks like. This magnet for tourists has what it takes to please your pleasure-seeking senses, so explore it a little more

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Kola Kauai Hawaii
Spend some time in the water, as you probably don’t usually get to snorkel, swim, and float during a usual day at the office. Acquaint yourself with some friendly fish, take a few pictures to show your jealous friends later on, and order a pina colada and sip it as you thread your toes through the pearly white sand. It’ll taste a little better that more

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