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 Islands Information

Place: Fenwick Island

Peace and Quiet in Bethany Beach
By Caitlin Moore

If you’re a believer in signs, then the giant totem pole known as Chief Little Owl that watches over the town of Bethany Beach will certainly give you pause. Carved from a red cedar log and depicting a Nanticoke Indian Chief with a regal-looking eagle atop his head, this symbol of unity and peace gives the town a decidedly wise and worldly feel. As you enter this blessed little spot on Delaware’s southeast coast, you’ll know you’re in for something special.

As part of the “Quiet Coast,” a seven mile stretch of seashore that includes South Bethany and Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach is a charming vacation spot for families and fun-lovers seeking a peaceful yet engaging vacation destination. The ocean is warm from May to October, and invites a plethora of water-themed activities like fishing, surfing, swimming, and boogey boarding. Taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, napping on a beach towel, or floating on a raft will allow the gentle ebb and flow of the tides to wash away your current cares and worries.

In the bay area, there are even more diversions to tempt you into the sea. Boating, jet skiing, windsurfing, crabbing, and sailing are among the choices you’ll have if you feel like making this a true nautical adventure, so check into renting all the proper supplies when you get here and prepare to rediscover your sea legs. You’ll enjoy the feeling of heading away from the coast into a salty, refreshing breeze, as you’ll find that the stresses of everyday life tend to fade into oblivion once you’re a few miles offshore.

Bethany Beach is also a wonderful place to just catch up with your traveling companions. The swift and unrelenting pace of everyday life can often crowd out the chance for impromptu amusements, silly conversations, or warm-and-fuzzy memory sharing. Luckily, the tempo is a bit slower here, and you’ll find yourself privy to plenty of opportunities for a pick up game of basketball or a round of reminiscing on a sun-dappled boardwalk. Precious moments can be found any time, any place when you’re surrounded with the right people, but they seem a little more frequent here at Bethany Beach.

The town has a number of specialty shops, restaurants, and arcades that will fill everyone’s evenings with appealing pursuits. Play volleyball or tennis to burn off energy and continue the theme of quality family time, or perhaps take a ten minute drive to the outlet stores for some power shopping. Families obviously have diverse interests, but that won’t be a problem when looking for things to do in Bethany Beach.

To round out the picture of this increasingly appealing getaway spot, be aware that there are a number of yearly festivals and events celebrating the people and culture of this beach-happy, quiet little town. A spring surf-fishing tournament brings competitors to the water’s edge for a chance to reel in the biggest whopper for a cash prize, and July 4th invites patriotic revelry during the daytime parade and nighttime fireworks. Live music accompanies the showing and selling of the work of over 100 artists and crafters for the annual Boardwalk Arts Festival, so be sure to save room in your suitcase for a truly unique souvenir.

If the allure of a tranquil retreat to lively yet low-key Bethany Beach has you ready to start making reservations, then be sure to check into renting a vacation home before you leave. You might not have considered this option, but this would be the perfect time to plant your family in a roomy bay front townhouse or a beachside villa that will be more like transferring the comforts of home than leaving them behind. True, the whole point of leaving town is to experience new things, but having access to a washer and dryer won’t detract from your Bethany Beach experience, it will only enhance it.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Delaware coast, and then return to your home base for casual meals, good nights’ sleep, and the entertainments of your choice. Many properties come equipped with internet connections, DVD players, game rooms, hot tubs, and access to fitness centers, so even if you all feel like staying in for some downtime, you’ll remain in the realm of vacationland without having to actually go anywhere.

If a Bethany Beach vacation is on your horizon, you’re probably feeling pretty pleased right about now. Enjoy yourself and your family as you head to this stress-free hideaway on the quietest of shores, and go online to book a Bethany Beach Vacation Rental before you make your way to the ocean. All signs point to a successful trip.

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