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 Islands Information

Place: Edisto Beach South Carolina

Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals
By Caitlin Moore

If youíve decided that youíll soon be heading to the shores of South Carolina for a bit of a rest, then youíve made a wonderful decision. Nothing rids your body of stress like sounds and smells of the beach, and nothing turns your mind from a flurry of signals to a calm, composed contraption like filling it with visions of nature. There are several places to choose from in this region, but for a true escape, head off the beaten path to a place called Edisto Beach.

Edisto isnít an attention hog; in fact youíve probably never even heard of it. A little old-fashioned (but in a pleasant, quaint way) this town lies south of the Charleston area but is still well within reach of that historic hotbed of activity. Edisto doesnít aim to tear you away from the traditional tourist attractions, but donít be surprised if once you unpack your bags, you never end up venturing very far from your homey vacation rental and the quietly appealing stretch of beach that itís lucky enough to exist upon.

The best way to experience this nearly-hidden oasis is to rent a beach house and plunk yourself down for a good long break. Bring the kids, bring the extended family, bring some friends, or just bring your honey bunny; any way you do it thereís a place that will accommodate every taste and special need. As opposed to a hotel room, for example, vacation rentals are usually spacious and forgiving of cousin quirks and baby supply overload. Everyone will have space to breathe and do their thing, whatever that thing may be, without inciting too much irritation or bickering.

Edisto offers activities like shelling (watch for the occasional prehistoric sharkís tooth), swimming, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, golfing and tennis. Burn off your extra energy by biking or jogging along the beach, or if napping is more your thing, grab an oversized umbrella, a fluffy towel, and head to a quiet spot where you can rediscover the feeling of contentment. With the house as your home base, everyone can scatter off for a few hours to engage in the diversion of their choice with no worries about losing track of anyone for too long. Keep the pantry stocked with snacks and everyone will surely venture back home before too long to compare stories and recharge for the next adventure.

Speaking of the humble abode, a dishwasher, washer and dryer, kitchen appliances, television, and a few more surprises will all make vacation life a little easier. Not that itís going to be hard, but when you have the option to throw in a load of towels or whip up a quick meal, money and time can both be saved. Youíll surely want to avoid feeling like a cook or a maid cleaning up after a bunch of revelers, so head out to a restaurant when you feel like it (with or without the kids) and be sure that everyone pitches in with keeping the place neat and tidy. Itís such a nice place after all, and moods will be running high, so surely no one will complain too much.

You may even decide to take a day trip to Charleston while youíre here in order to soak in a bit of Southern charm and historic sightseeing. After a little shopping and museum hopping the weight of the crowds will start to press upon you, however, so be glad that you chose to rent a property that is blessedly far away from the goings on of this happening city.

If all of this sounds like what youíre looking for in your next vacation, go online to do a little research. Edisto Beach isnít going to be crawling with tourists or overflowing with standard souvenir shops and fast food joints, but thatís a good thing. Experience life from a whole new perspective, and donít forget to check out the selection of Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals. After this trip you many want to shout to the world what a wonderful destination this is, or you may be more inclined to keep it your little secret.

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