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 Islands Information

Place: Cozumel

Become a Castaway on Cozumel
By Caitlin Moore

The island of Cozumel serves as an oasis of tempting vacation possibilities in a drab world of office meetings, commutes and daily shots of depressing global news. Not that these things can be forever solved or banished, but taking a trip to a piece of Mexican paradise can cast the rest of the world in a rosier light; it can make life a little more bearable knowing that there is serenity and beauty out there somewhere. Absorb your share of this loveliness by taking a trip to Cozumel, and make the deal extra sweet by choosing to stay in an inviting, reasonably priced vacation rental that will whisk you away from routine.

Imagine a villa gracefully perched on a hilltop overlooking the sea. Tropical trees and plants bring shade and vibrancy to the yard, and a pebble path goes from the door to a stretch of sandy beach. There are doors in the master suite that open out to a sunny patio, and windows covered with long wispy drapes flutter with each warm breeze. A garden tub offers to easy any stressed or achy muscles, and a spacious closet will ensure that no dresses or khaki pants suffer prolonged wrinkles. This is just one taste of one property, and there’s much more where that came from.

Larger groups might enjoy an affordable condo right on the beach, perhaps nearby one of the well-kept facilities like Playa Uvas or Play Mia Grand Beach Park. With room to spare, a full kitchen, entertainment center and a fold out couch thrown in for good measure, families, friends and whatever motley crew you’ve brought along will all be happy in Cozumel. Being able to wake up and hit the beach within minutes or simply walk down the coast towards shops, restaurants and historical attractions are priceless commodities that will push this trip to the next level.

Open layouts, access to pools, Jacuzzis and work out centers, snorkeling, beach bars and night clubs just down the way…these details make condos perfect for diverse and energetic groups of people. They could be good for romance-minded couples, too, but so would a cozy little casita tucked slightly away from the action. Let the TV go untouched and don’t worry about making the bed; all you need to do is stock the fridge with some champagne and snacks and see where each day and night takes you. Reconnecting with your love can be the first priority of this vacation, so sit back and let the turquoise waters and sunsets be the backdrop.

In addition to being filled with diving opportunities, nature sightings, duty free shopping, nighttime entertainment and consistently fine weather, Cozumel also has dozens of vacation rentals to choose from. In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are many others, each with its own personality, that have the potential to fulfill the daydreams you’ve been having while languishing in your cubicle. The sky, the ocean and the sand are all necessary elements, but the bed, the bath and the home-like atmosphere provide the finishing touches.

Luxurious haciendas exist for the high-rollers but perfectly attractive condos and beach houses can be had without breaking the bank. No matter what your style or budget, there’s something that fits. Go online to check out all the Cozumel Vacation Rental options and get ready to set sail for a place that will free you, if just temporarily, from the confines of the real world.

Visit to explore over 75,000 vacation rental properties scattered all across the world.