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 Islands Information

Place: Chlorakas Cyprus

Visit Cyprus, Check out Chlorakas
By Caitlin Moore

Whether looking to escape the cold weather outside your door by fleeing to a finer climate or hoping to scratch the lifelong itch you’ve had to see the friendly, sun-dappled Mediterranean, Cyprus is an all-around appealing destination and deserves to be a contender as you decide where your next vacation will be. So as not to overwhelm, let us focus on the western region of this pleasant island, where you’ll find plenty of sights, sounds and situations to satisfy your wanderlust and let you breathe easy for a while.

Cyprus isn’t clearly linked to any one continent or identity, rather, it has been influenced over the years by Europe, Africa and the Middle East to cultivate its own fascinating personality. Rich history, complete with Greek and Roman accents such as churches, ancient buildings and mythical reminders like Aphrodite’s birthplace give Cyprus an intriguing and almost otherworldly feel. If you’ve grown far too used to your suburban surroundings or monotonous schedule, seeing these unique sites will be refreshing.

In western Cyprus, Paphos is best known for catering to tourists from all over the world. English is widely spoken, the weather is bright all year long, and there’s a generally welcoming atmosphere from the ample shops and restaurants to the stunning views. People come here to leave it all behind, something the locals realize, so expect to be accommodated rather than simply tolerated.

Paphos consists of a traditional town and also a coastal region; both are worth taking a look at. The ruins that pepper the region qualify the city as a World Heritage Site, and visitors will have the chance to see tombs, mosaics, Byzantine churches, museums, basilicas and temples, some dating back to the12th century B.C. The melding of cultures and eye-catching architecture are sure to impress history enthusiasts and neophytes alike, and at the very least, the palpable feeling of depth and energy that permeates the air will rejuvenate you as you stroll from one place to the next.

As for the natural wonders, there’s the beach, the mountains and everything in between. Snorkel, swim and fish in the shockingly blue waters, tickle your toes in the white sand, and strive to soak in enough sun to return home with a caramel colored complexion. If you’re here during the winter months, ski on Mount Olympus located inland a little bit. Channel the perspective of the gods as you look down over the land beneath you, still not quite believing that you’re actually here. A trip to Cyprus, maybe because it’s an island or maybe because of its ethereal qualities, will never let you take this privileged opportunity for granted.

Pamper yourself even further by settling into a lodging situation fit for Zeus himself. The region known as Chlorakas, a kind of satellite to Paphos’s glowing orb, has several vacation rentals available all year long. As opposed to hotel rooms, these properties are a little more pleasing thanks to ample amenities, gorgeous views, tastefully decorated rooms, and best of all, variety. No matter what it is you seek you’re sure to find it somewhere within the Chlorakas Vacation Rental listings that are displayed online, so check them out today.

Sometimes visiting a far-off place is just what you need to recharge. Cyprus understands this, and will take good care of you and your traveling companions. Settle into a comfortable villa, apartment or beach side home and prepare to follow the example of all the hedonists, god-like or mortal, who have come before.

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