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 Islands Information

Place: Charleston South Carolina

Charleston Area Vacation Rentals By Caitlin Moore

The Charleston area is quite simply a vacationerís dreamland. Beach activities all along the coast plus a city that is known for being friendly and rich with history, everywhere you turn youíll see character, charm, and celebration. Whether you choose to stay in the heart of downtown or on a quiet stretch of coastline, consider reserving a vacation rental that will meet your needs and add a special something to the entire trip. If youíve never taken this route before, youíre in for a treat.

In general, vacation rentals allow for families to spread out, lovebirds to cuddle in peace, and traveling groups of all composition to be happy, comfortable, and well taken care of. A soft bed, or at least a futon, for everyone, a kitchen thatíll be perfect for making meals and a plethora of little details that regular lodging situations never seem to have will add to your already promising stay in Charleston.

If you have your heart set on the beach, youíll probably situate yourself somewhere in the vicinity of Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, Mount Pleasant, or one of the other hotspots for having fun in the sun. This entire area is perfect for boating, exploring, and staying active yet relaxed, so no matter where you decide to plunk down youíll certainly end up happy. Your vacation rental will only serve to accentuate the positives, as a beach side villa or coastal cottage will seem like the answer to your prayers. Beat the crowds and do things differently this time around.

Imagine a town home with three full baths, a garage, an outdoor pool and an entertainment center. This environment would be perfect for attracting the extended family for a reunion of sorts, as everyone would be drawn together to the porch and dining room at meal times, the game room at play time, yet would have enough space to achieve some privacy every once in a while, too. Cross paths when you want to and sneak off for a slice of solitude when necessary; the choice is always there in a vacation rental like this.

In Charleston, there is plenty to do to draw everyone in for a day of family fun. Shady streets lined with trees that have seen wars, storms, and countless citizens pass by as they journey through life will allow you to relive a different time and place. Visit colonial mansions, retired plantations, and landmarks like Fort Sumter and Charles Towne Landing. Better than a textbook but just as informative, a tour through Charleston will enrich your mind.

While youíre here youíll also be able to activate your other senses, like your taste buds. Stop by an oyster bake or dine in one of the many restaurants for some seafood or southern comfort cooking. Shop and walk around to your heartís content, taking in all that the city of Charleston has to offer before you head back out to breathe more rarified air. It is possible to reserve a place to stay within the city limits, of course, but depending on your vacation goals, you might want to ensure that you have a little of everything right at your fingertips.

Kayaking in the coastal waters on the lookout for Ďgators, dolphins, and birds of all kinds is something that shouldnít be missed while youíre here. Also, think about renting a bike, playing some tennis, or golfing a few rounds in order to avoid the feeling of lethargy that lying around on the beach can sometimes bring on. Not that itís bad to squeeze in a nap or two, but donít forget how good it feels to get your heartbeat up while feeling the ocean breeze on your face and smelling the sweetness of no responsibility.

All of these diversions will be easily attainable from any of the conveniently located Charleston SC Vacation Rentals that youíll see when you go online and start planning your trip. Everyone in your group will appreciate the effort you put into designing a perfect getaway, so get ready to be lauded as the hero of holidays. has all the information you need to make an informed vacation rental decision.