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 Islands Information

Place: Cairns Australia

Cairns: Seaside refuge in Tropical Far North Queensland
Author: Medha Ruby

Cairns is the premier regional city in Tropical Far North Queensland, and the third largest tourist center in the whole of Australia. Enchanting around three million tourists every year, it carries the mantel of the safest tropical city with pride.

Cairns, situated on the Coral sea on the Pacific coast in Queensland, is easily the best connected place in Australia north of Brisbane. Its tropical climate hovers in between 17 and 31 degree Celsius, with the bulk of rainfall occurring in the first three months of the year. The amazing temperature and clear skies mean that Cairns has always been a favorite with tourists. Fact is, nature seems to have endowed Cairns with its choicest blessings, and men have built upon them, making Cairns one of the liveliest and most entertaining places on earth.

A visitor to Cairns is spoilt for choices. There is something for everyone at this tropical paradise. Of course, the sun and surf is the most popular attraction, more so because once they are done with the other places they come back to fill the wondering beaches with their laughter and frolic. Cairns has some of Australia's cleanest and most wonderful beaches - some are palm fringed, some lap at the foot of an ageless rainforest; some have sand, some pinch your feet with shingle. Cairns plays host to all imaginable forms of water activities - from reef canoeing to snorkeling, from diving to sea-boarding. Cairns is situated at the foot of the Great Barrier Reef, the largest conglomeration of coral reefs listed as a World Heritage site.

Daily boating and diving trips to the reef and nearby islands are organized. Should you ever want to see how it look from up above, don't worry, there are helicopters, sea planes and balloon trips waiting for you. In fact, the bird's-eye-view of Cairns and nearby areas is a real spectacle - the colors changing sharp from a dozen shades of blue into the golden sands and then into the greener shades of the rainforests on the other side.

Beyond the corals and the sea is another, altogether different aspect of Tropical Queensland and Cairns. To the west of Cairns lies the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest, a 135 million years old jungle with the largest variety of plant species in the world. Situated in one placid corner of the rainforest is Kuranda, 'the village in the rainforest', a charming small town with its own tradition and history. Kuranda has cultural centers, museums, and is also the terminal for both the SkyRail and Kuranda Scenic Railway, two of the most charming rides that are sure to captivate all hearts, young or old. River rides on the Daintree and Mossman rivers course through tumultuous waters that are infested by crocs in places. Many of these areas are under the protection of indigenous Aborigines and you may meet them at many points. Full of waterfalls, gorges and flora of a thousand and more varieties, the jungle offers various trekking opportunities.

Cairns is full of possibilities. Here, you can indulge in shopping. There are many well stocked malls with international products ranges. If you are looking for bargain shopping or local products and mementos, you get that as well. Cairns cuisine is famous for their exotic dishes and their fabulous setting - you got restaurants at the most incredible places - from the rainforests to the beach under a starry night.

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