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 Islands Information

Place: Bahamas
Enjoy The Underwater Beauty Of Bahamas Scuba Diving
by Christine OKelly

Although vacations are a wonderful escape from your daily routine and provide a much-needed temporary change of scenery, they can often end up being more tiring than revitalizing. However, you can enjoy a vacation that offers the benefits of a vacation without the exhaustion with a Bahamas scuba diving holiday. Instead of going home broke and tired, you will return invigorated with incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Scuba diving requires scuba certification, but it's easy to obtain by taking a course at a local dive center. If you don't want to earn your scuba certification, you can still enjoy the underwater beauty of the area with a number of activities that don't require certifications. No matter which adventure you choose, you are sure to treasure the experience of being under the sea as you take in the wonders of the Caribbean Sea. This article looks at having an underwater adventure both with and without the need for certification.

Mini Sub Adventures

If you want to head to the depths of the ocean, but aren't interested in obtaining a Bahamas scuba diving certification, you should consider experiencing the underwater world on a personal mini sub. You operate a mini sub like an underwater motorcycle as it takes you down to the depths of the ocean to explore the shipwrecks and sea life of the Caribbean Sea, including manta rays, mollusks, sea turtles, schools of thousands of tropical fish and more. You may even spot large sport fish that frequent the waters of the Commonwealth. Riding a mini sub doesn't require certification so after a quick lesson in operating a mini sub, you'll be quickly exploring the depths of the sea.

Plenty To See Under The Sea

Divers with a Bahamas scuba diving certification have many possibilities for underwater adventure. You can dive to the 100-foot boat used in the James Bond movies or visit the sunken Cessna from the movie, Jaws, along with other shipwrecks of the area. With dozens of sunken ships to explore at different depths, you'll have the ideal chance to see the breathtaking plant and animal life that call the Caribbean Sea home.

Colorful tropical fish, huge sea mammals, vivid corals, strange crustaceans, and more await you underwater and you can enjoy it all with a scuba diving package. Usually all-inclusive, most scuba diving vacation packages provide you with everything you need to have a safe and exciting adventure. Just make sure you bring an underwater camera so you can take pictures of the amazing things you see under the sea to relive your adventure any time.

Diving With Dolphins

If you're really feeling adventurous, consider a diving with dolphins experience. You can sign up to dive with dolphins at one of the local dive centers where you'll participate in a short training session before you head out to the open sea where you'll meet dolphins in their habitat. You'll enjoy interacting with these specially trained dolphins that will play and react to your commands.

Regardless of which underwater vacation experience you choose, you are sure to have an invigorating and memorable adventure that doesn't bust your budget.

About the Author

Christine O'Kelly is an author for Scuba Dive Bahamas. They offer information on Bahamas scuba diving.