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 Islands Information

Place: Ibiza

Make Ibiza Work for You Ė Even If You're Not Rich or Famous
By Caitlin Moore

Having served as the trusty backdrop to many a high couture fashion spread and with its name consistently dropped by rock stars, royalty and big spenders from around the world, Ibiza has a certain reputation. Many people donít come here for simple vacations; they come here to see and be seen, they come here to party, and they come here absorb the vitality and coolness that radiates from every surface. Not that you have to be a VIP to gain admittance, however - many un-famous people come here too, and have just as much fun as their high-profile counterparts.

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. It first became popular in the 60ís and 70ís when hippies and celebrities of a certain disposition became attracted to its stunning beauty and laid-back ways, and has been the place to be for one group or another since then. Currently recovering from an unfortunate techno-party-drug phase that touched certain parts of the island, Ibiza is turning back to its peaceful, hedonistic roots as it remains one of the top getaway spots for those so inclined.

You donít have to be famous or rich to enjoy the gifts of Ibiza. While the south end of the island is dominated by large dance clubs and a healthy nightlife scene that tends to stretch until mid-morning of the next day, other regions are quieter and more conducive to achieving that feeling of calm and away-ness that many of so desperately need. Golden sand, unspoiled vegetation, crystal waters and a local culture that includes tantalizing food, original shopping (not a bunch of big labels, like you might expect) and typical recreation activities are all available.

Typical but not boring, mind you. Snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, taking nature walks, biking and filling your belly with deliciously exotic food and drink will pack each day and never require that an itinerary be set or a breakneck pace be followed. The island is 18 by 12 miles, so thereís plenty of room to get lost and find a serene spot without having to drive for hours, and again, you can party if you want to but itís not absolutely necessary.

By renting a vacation villa, you can party in your own way, too. This is probably one of the most popular ways to experience Ibiza, as there are at least a 200 different properties spread throughout the isle. It just feels right to have a comfortable place to exist here in this realm of high class and huge vacation rewards, and nothing accentuates a trip to the Mediterranean like a charming and welcoming Ibiza Vacation Rental.

Some of the most beautiful beaches can be found in the region of Sant Antonio, which has many beach bars as well as the famous Cafť del Mar. Those who gravitate towards history would be wise to visit the old Phoenician village in Sa Caleta or the rural Punic-Roman settlement of Ses Paises de cala díHort. Hippie marketplaces where funky gifts and vintage clothes can found and simple cafes serving up locally grown produce and creative drinks are little details that will sweeten an afternoon, and will pop up around every corner as you make your way from town to town.

Lounging on the beach like a supermodel is a perfectly viable option as well, as is forgoing the use of shoes and sticking close to your fabulous lodgings. With the sea in reach, the fridge stocked with necessities and your loved one by your side, many days could pass before boredom sets in. Part of the allure of celebrity is being able to call the shots; during this trip to Ibiza, if done correctly, youíll be in charge and the results are sure to be fabulous.

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