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 Islands Information

Alicante Vacations: Half a World Away Feels So Right
By Caitlin Moore

Sometimes traveling a few miles or a couple states away is enough of a removal to achieve relaxation and a sense of escape; sometimes, it’s necessary to pack a bigger bag and put the ocean in between you and your tired old cubicle. When this weary-to-your-very-core feeling strikes, consider an idyllic place like Spain’s Costa Blanca. This Mediterranean port is historic, lovely and adept at erasing all signs of stress in the body.

Taking a trip to Alicante shouldn’t require much convincing. Just take a glance at the picturesque coast overseen by a famous castle, “Castillo de Santa Barbara,” which sits dramatically on a sea cliff and tells visitors that this is a place that deserves respect. This town and its airport serves as a hub for pleasure seekers who make their way to the Balearic Islands or another nearby vacation spot, but it’s also a fine place to unpack one’s bags and stay for a while. Pleasant weather, wide sandy beaches and plenty of sightseeing opportunities provide sheltered folks with a view of a whole new world.

Spanish and Valencian are the official languages here, but English speakers will be able to navigate the streets just fine. Actually, a bulk of one’s time will probably be spent on one of the many fabulous beaches, where the universal languages of sun and surf flow from every relaxed and bronzed individual with the greatest of ease. San Juan, Albufereta, Postiguet and Saladares-Urbanova are a few of the best places to settle in for a day of people watching, swimming and generally soaking in the scene; helpful facilities like showers and parking plus bars and restaurants will ensure that all goes smoothly and beach bums want for nothing.

Alicante prides its status as a winter resort, offering up a number of activities to help sufferers of cold weather forget where they came from and add a little color to their cheeks. Beach volleyball, kayaking, surfing, diving and even a free exercise circuit route will be sure to let active-minded vacationers stay in tune with their bodies and experience an adrenaline surge or two. Reclining on the beach has its time and place, but it’s fun to take things up a notch, too.

After spending some quality time with the sand beneath your toes, it’ll be time to head into town for a taste of the culture and the cuisine. Check out solid shopping options at the Rambla de Mendez Nunez or one of the surrounding streets. Here visitors can find everything from designer labels to local art, so bringing home an authentic souvenir shouldn’t be a problem. Several specialty items that will please adventurous palates include chocolates, sugared almonds and nougats. Wine, leather items, rugs and pottery are also Alicante-made treasures that put t-shirts and coffee mugs to shame, so save room in the suitcase for all that you’ll find in the charming plazas.

Coming all the way to the eastern coast of Spain warrants a lodging situation unlike any other. Don’t settle for mundane accommodations when there are luxurious vacation villas to be had up and down the seashore. Spacious rental properties capture the ambiance of the town while keeping visitors removed from the noise and hubbub. Convenient access to the beach balanced with privacy, many restaurants located nearby but a kitchen as well…qualities like this spell choice and comfort and characterize vacation rentals to a t.

Whether choosing a large, Mediterranean-style villa that a celebrity would gawk at or a small and cozy bungalow tucked away on a quiet road, Alicante Vacation Rentals have a way of sweetening what is already shaping up to be a stellar getaway. If you’re going to go to Costa Blanca, be sure to do it with style.

Visit to peruse these and other fabulous vacation rentals.