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 Islands Information

Place: Palm Cove Australia

Palm Cove: Paradise by the beach in Tropical North Queensland.
Author: Medha Ruby

Palm Cove is a wonderful tropical beach in North Queensland, and like other places in this glorious northern state, comes chock-a-block with natural wonders, adventure activities and culture treat. Here is a retreat where you can indulge your desires - work yourself to frenzy, or listen to the crashing waves while you enjoy timeless leisure.

Think of holiday and vacation, and the vision of a tropical beach floats into your eyes. You think of the warm sun and sand and the cool soothing blue waters of the ocean. You think of fresh fruits and vegetables, of local wine and fine cuisine. You think of star-lit and candle-lit dinners in the open with the waves splashing behind. You think of unclouded sky, balmy breeze fanning your hair; of a riot of colors greeting your eyes. You think of shutting the world, and live in a timeless world called paradise. That, ladies and gentlemen, is Palm Cove.

Situated in Tropical North Queensland, it straddles the two World Heritage listed sites of Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. Located just half an hour from Cairns, the third largest tourist destination of Australia, Palm Cove has developed from a weekend family picnic destination called Palm Beach (Why else? There are a lot of palm trees by the beach!) into an internationally acclaimed tourist destination by the ocean. Known to have the cleanest public beaches in Australia, Palm Cove is famous for its spas and its wedding packages, and a dozen things more.

Palm Cove enjoys fabulous weather throughout the year. The water temperature is pleasant whenever you come; so you can afford to travel light. The wonderful water plays host to an amazing variety of activities. Situated right on the edge of Great Barrier Reef, Palm Cove forms a wonderful launching pad to the Reef. Daily cruises and launches leave from the Jetty taking you into the thousand colored Reef. The water, void of any harmful bacteria or threatening sharks, is ideal for snorkeling, diving, kayaking, rafting, water-skiing, and swimming. People just love the warm water - while some exert themselves to shave off a few ounces of flab, other just sink in the languor in the air. The picnicking heritage is still maintained, as both tourists and residents make the wonderful beaches their weekend destinations.

If you feel like a bird, cheer up. Helicopter and sea-plane rides are available from various companies. When you think of the patterned reef, the reef islands, the golden sand and azure waters, the dark shades of green of the ageless rainforest, you can imagine the treat your eyes are in for. Hot air balloons are available as well for those who want to float rather than fly. If you have a hook and sinker and want to throw in your line, don't hesitate. For the avid fishing folk, the Palm Cove jetty is prime fishing zone with plenty of Spanish mackerel, grunter, cod, whiting, stripings, flathead and catfish.

Towards the West, there is another enchanting primeval world waiting to be explored. The Daintree Rainforest is one of the oldest rainforest, and home to the largest varieties of plants in the world. With dozens of trails and trekking routes, the forest and its mysteries will take days to be explored. Situated in the rainforest hinterland is Kuranda, 'the village in a rainforest', a small cultural hotspot with many local artifacts and Aborigine cultural parks. It is also the terminal of the Kuranda SkyRail and the Kuranda Scenic Railway, two of the most enchanting journeys on earth. On the former you glide over the treetops, breathtaking gorges and rivers; with the latter you pierce a primeval land and pass through caves and bridges over cascading rivers.

Palm Cove is not just about the reef and the rainforest, and the wonderful adventures in them. Its night life is famous, with around 20 restaurants, bars, bistros. Its cuisine is famous for including both the exotic and the local (which is no less exotic), and comes with fresh fruits and local wines. Whether you want a quick bite before you catch more action, or you want a leisured a la carte dinner by the beach, you can indulge your desires.

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